5 Ways to Step Up Your Corporate Gift Game

Throughout the pandemic, companies of all sizes have been seeking out new ways to forge stronger relationships across their distributed teams. While the sentiment has good intentions, companies often miss the mark when it comes to gifting employees and partners.

 Here at Raised80s, we want to help you gift your employees the right way. To help you amplify the impact of your corporate gifting, we’ve put together a checklist that will help you select the gifts that will resonate the most with your employees:


In light of the impact Covid-19 has had on businesses, workers across all demographics have made it abundantly clear that they want to support local, ethical products that will contribute to the vitality of their Canadian communities. A gift from a big-box retailer is great, but for today’s workers, a gift from a small, local business is even better.



Your employees want to support makers as diverse as they are. Celebrating and supporting emerging Canadian creators from all ethnicities, genders and demographics helps your employees feel seen and heard. Doing this not only empowers your employees, it also reaffirms your company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for all.



Employees are looking for gifts that are timely, personal and, whenever possible, shareable with their online communities. But most importantly, they want a gift that makes them feel special. Providing employees with a gifting experience end-to-end, from packaging to unboxing, demonstrates the care, appreciation and value you have for your teams, no matter how far apart you may be. 



Rather than send out one generic gift for your company as a whole, invite your employees to select from a list of curated, ethically and locally sourced products that fit with the overall theme of your organization.  Not only will this save environmental waste from unnecessary product packaging, this empowers employees to support products from creators they truly care about.



Let’s face it, you’re busy building an empire. You’re probably too busy to think of everything that goes into sending gifts to distributed teams across the country. By leaving the fulfilment, sourcing, shipping and delivery to experts, you’ll save time and resources for all of your other business priorities. Most importantly, you won’t need to pull one of your employees away from their work to make it happen — it’s a gift for them too, after all.

At Raised80s, we are the experts you need for your next corporate gift.  All of our products are sourced from small Canadian businesses, and each box can be customized to suit the needs of your employee community. All you have to do is tell us  about your company — your corporate interests, priorities, demographics— and we take care of the rest, from themes to delivery and all the coordination in-between. We’ll even develop custom internal messaging for you to send out to employees to get the intel on gift choice, shipping and delivery preferences. Our team works with carefully vetted partners to ensure your corporate gifting is a seamless, memorable experience.

 Want to gift your employees but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us and our team of gifting experts will give you everything you need to give your distributed teams the gift box that will make their day.


With gratitude,

 The Raised80s team