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About Butterfly

Our Mission

Catalysing workplace engagement through meaningful gifts, swag and technology.

By cultivating meaningful connections with your employees and clients you fuel inclusivity and business growth.

Our Vision

Championing a workplace experience that employees deserve and your clients love to partner with.

Our Values

1) Workplace Experience-Honour your employees with the workplace they deserve and your clients are proud to partner with. 

2) Inclusivity-We embody inclusivity in the way we choose our vendors, clients, our team and support our community.

3) Giving Back-From day one we have given 2% of all revenue to charities we love and often select vendors who also have charitable programs.

Jacey Schnarr

Why do you believe in Butterfly?
I know there is a better way to execute client and employee gifting than what the traditional options have been. A beautiful, thoughtful and conscious gift leaves a meaningful impression and supports our community. It also goes a lot farther to display appreciation to the recipient . It's a win-win. 

What do you want to accomplish at Butterfly?
I love it when our clients are introduced to amazing new merchants, makers and artisans. Receiving emails asking where they can find their gift items and buy more is the best. We love to amplify the voice of these incredible small businesses!

How do you give back?
Being a hot yoga junkie I love that Butterfly has been able to support New Leaf Foundation for the last 2 years as part of our 2% of revenue donation. They do amazing work in providing inner city youth with accessible opportunities to take care of their mental, emotional and physical health. So every bit we get to do to support this makes me so happy.

Client and Vendor Relationship Specialist
Andrea Montgomerie

Why do you believe in Butterfly?
I believe in Butterfly because our mission aligns with my values on sustainability, ethical practices and diversity. I love that we are helping to change the ways that big businesses think about how their dollars could be better spent. By curating beautiful and thoughtful gifts we get the chance to spotlight small and diverse businesses. Helping small businesses to grow and get the exposure they deserve brings me joy daily! 

What would you like to accomplish at Butterfly?
I would like to contribute to seeing a shift in how corporations approach spending. Reducing waste, promoting sustainability, respecting workers rights and providing transparency in the supply chain is so important to me. I love that Butterfly is working to promote those values and that I get to be a part of the process. 

How do you give back?
I am a dog lover!! I give back by supporting charities like Puppy Love that help to stop the practice of puppy mills. As well as shelters and rehoming efforts. 

Damilola Ajayeoba

Why do you believe in Butterfly? Getting to work with women to create thoughtful, ethical and eco-friendly gifts that support small and diverse Canadian businesses is more than enough reason to believe in Butterfly . I am happy that Butterfly as an organization is closing the gap and amplifying the importance of building a sustainable world.

What do you want to accomplish at Butterfly? I want to see Butterfly as the leading solution to premium client experience when working with sustainable practices. I want Butterfly to become a reference point for Canadians when looking for the link between small businesses and large organizations for meaningful gifts, swag and technology.  

How do you give back? During the Christmas holidays, I volunteer with The Salvation Army to distribute toys to my local community.  I also support immigrant settlement by volunteering with the Kingdom Stars Assembly to ensure they are provided with the required resources to enjoy a smooth experience in Canada.

Marketing Manager
JoAnn Alafriz

Why do you believe in Butterfly?
I believe in Butterfly because I get to work with some amazing women whose values align with mine. Supporting ethical and diverse Canadian small businesses is a great way to spend my day.

What do you want to accomplish at Butterfly?
I would love to see Buttefly grow and become Canada’s go-to business for corporate experiences and gifts for the larger organizations and see the positive impact it has on the lives of creative entrepreneurs.

How do you give back? 
Since 2014, I have been a volunteer with the Friends for Life Bike Rally cycling from Toronto to Montreal in support of the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. I am also on the Development Committee with Fife House. These organisations help to raise much-needed funds and bring awareness to people living with HIV/AIDS.   

Small businesses are the voices of our communities and sourcing local goods has many benefits to our collective quality of life.

✓ Lower carbon footprint

✓ Economic Equality

✓ Self Sustaining

✓ Amplifying the voices of oppressed or under-represented

✓ More creativity via artists and entrepreneurs



Thank you so much for the session yesterday, I'm still thinking about the powerful video and message. You all, over at Raised80s, are doing such great work, it's a perfect partnership ... and aligns with our values.

National Meeting Planner, Meeting & Event Services

It went amazing!  The interns were so happy!  It’s always such a hit. I have nothing but great feedback, I truly appreciate how easygoing and collaborative it is to work with you all. Thanks so much again for helping us create a seamless and fun event for our candidates.

Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate

Thanks SO much for these connections! The sessions with you have been so awesome. We're all really impressed and happy to continue to partner with you as a preferred vendor, so I'll certainly be reaching out for any of our needs.

Manager, Human Capital Business Partner, Risk Assurance Services

So many praises are still coming in about the boxes, how everything was selected and prepared with care etc.  People are sending emails directly to the CEO!

Sr.  Manager-Procurement

“Absolutely book these guys - one of the best virtual Christmas game sessions! Made my day”

A great diversion! Nice relaxing time. Excellent virtual party experience and so much fun!

Games Experiences
Los Angeles, CA

THANK YOU so much for the goodie box!

It was so kind of your team and the treats inside were lovely.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope you and the fam have a great summer ahead!


Dana was a wonderful guide/ host/ instructor. The overall experience was fantastic and my interest in yoga has officially piqued! Thank you!

I enjoyed my time 'away' from the office during yoga - thanks!

Yoga Experience

Between the beer, the crowd, and Craig's stories we did indeed have a blast and a nice send-off to one of our colleagues.

Thanks so much for making it happen!

Coconut Software

I just wanted to let you know that the boxes look terrific – thank you very much for all of your recommendations!!!

Blueshore Financial

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