Digtial Gifts

Your corporate gifting experience just got better!

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with UnwrapIt - Leaders in global digital gifting solutions.

United by a commitment to positive impact in the corporate realm, our collaboration seamlessly combines our services and technology, demonstrating the power of cooperation over competition.

Let's strategize your next digital and hybrid gifting campaigns. See how easy how easy it is:

Why Digital Gifts?

  • Global reach.
  • Varied budgets, interests, and quantities.
  • Personalized to recipient and branded with your logo, colours and messaging.
  • Experiential & no waste options.

  • Increase survey and marketing campaign engagement.
  • Starting at $1 ($1 = tree planted or 3+ meals for food-insecure persons).
  • Give the gift of choice to the recipient.
  • Hybrid campaigns with physical and digital options.

Anywhere with Exceptional Choices
Global Teams

Whether for teams or clients, locally or globally, enjoy unparalleled choices that reflect your specific preferences while saving on shipping costs.

Sustainability Solutions
Low Waste

Digital gifts not only carry value but also a strong commitment to sustainability. They're not just tokens of appreciation but contributions to a greener, more sustainable world.

Together with Unwrapit, we're crafting a new chapter in corporate gifting—one that's not only memorable but also contributes to the well-being of our planet.

We can select the charity of your choice and offer tax receipts to your organization.

Give them what they want
Custom Gifting

Personalization is key to delighting recipients or sparking meaningful connections.

Our custom gifting options are taken to a whole new level. You can now offer tailor-made gifts that perfectly align with your values and preferences of your recipients.