Embrace the Benefits of Buying Canadian: Elevating Corporate Gifting

5 Reasons Why Canadian Products are the Perfect Corporate Gifts

As you gear up for upcoming events, employee engagement activities, or client gifting, we introduce you to a compelling opportunity: shopping from Canadian companies. At Raised80s | Butterfly, we understand the value of supporting local businesses, and we've handpicked exceptional Canadian brands that align with your corporate needs and values.

The Power of Choosing Canadian-Made Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifting, selecting Canadian-made products offers a range of advantages that go beyond the usual branded merchandise. Discover how these unique offerings create an impact for your business and the wider community.

Lower Shipping Costs and Faster Service

One of the standout benefits of choosing Canadian products for corporate gifting is the lower shipping costs and faster service. By buying domestic, you gain a distinct price advantage due to shorter distances and cost-effective shipping methods. Say goodbye to complexities at border crossings and enjoy seamless transactions with Canadian suppliers, eliminating potential customs-related delays or hassles.

No Exchange Rate Worries: Price Consistency and Stability

Currency exchange rates can be unpredictable, leading to fluctuations in costs when making non-domestic purchases. Embrace peace of mind with Canadian products, ensuring price consistency and stability throughout your agreements. Eliminate exchange rate worries and focus on the impact of your corporate gifts.

Supporting Canadian Jobs and Boosting the Economy

Choosing products from Canadian companies means playing an active role in boosting Canada's economy and supporting thriving industries within our borders. By opting for Canadian-made corporate gifts, you contribute to the creation and sustenance of local jobs, driving economic growth and prosperity.

A Greener Approach: Environmental Responsibility with Canadian Products

Sustainability is at the forefront of corporate practices today. Embrace environmental responsibility with Canadian-made products, known for their efficiencies resulting in fewer resource expenditures. By choosing these gifts, you actively contribute to a greener approach, positively impacting the environment and the wider community.

Gifts that Give Back: A Win-Win Solution

Discover the beauty of gifts that give back! Explore how Raised80s | Butterfly offers sustainable corporate gifts that make a positive impact. Align your corporate values with meaningful gifting solutions that support local communities and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

A Gifting Revolution: Sustainable Corporate Gifts

At Raised80s | Butterfly, We create the effect, offering ethical gifting with purpose. Our curated collection features sustainable corporate gifts that reflect your commitment to environmental responsibility and community support. You can give back while making a significant impact on the recipients and the world around us.

Corporate Events Planner: Your Partner in Memorable Experiences

Elevate your corporate events with our expertise and knowledge of our small, local and diverse vendors. Leave a lasting impression on attendees with custom gifting experiences that align with your brand's values. Trust our team to transform your events into remarkable occasions, fostering engagement and building meaningful connections.

Embracing Corporate Gifting with Raised80s | Butterfly

At Raised80s | Butterfly, we're more than just a gifting platform. We're a purpose-driven entity that believes in making a positive impact through every corporate gift we curate. Discover the joy of giving with intention and celebrate the essence of Canada's local talent while supporting our communities.

Custom Gifting: Personalized Solutions for Your Brand

Step into the world of custom gifting, where every detail matters. Our personalized solutions ensure your brand message shines through in every gift. From branded swag to client gifts, we tailor each item to align with your unique corporate identity, fostering a deeper connection with your recipients.


The power of Canadian-made corporate gifts is undeniable. Lower shipping costs, faster service, stable pricing, support for local jobs, and a greener approach all converge to create a compelling case for choosing Canadian products. When you partner with Raised80s | Butterfly, you embark on a journey of purposeful gifting, where each gift carries the essence of ethical and sustainable practices. Let us elevate your corporate gifting experience and create moments of impact that resonate with your recipients and the world we all share.