Creating Connection with Tree Planting this Spring!

We at Raised80s are tired of sitting on the sidelines, feeling helpless about the climate emergency happening around us. So we are doing something about it! We would like to help plant at least 500 trees this spring in communities across Canada, and we are hoping you will join us! 

It’s a great way to energize your teams - removing the screens and desks and re-connecting with each other and mother nature. Vitamin Earth and Positive Vibes...

Click here if you want to learn more about corporate group planting.

As Global Temperatures continue to rise, planting trees represents a beautiful way to Grow Clean Air and offset carbon emissions. In fact, trees do so much more than sequester carbon, they filter the air and water and provide habitat for animals, as well as grow better places to live for us all. We are joining in the movement with many others, to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030… now that will make a difference! 


As part of our commitment to invest 2% of our revenue in local charities we care about; we will be supporting Melissa Botelho, our Business Development & Tech Partner, plant her second ~125 trees along with 25 volunteers for her Trees for Beeings Re-wilding Campaign with Tree Canada, all while creating a beautiful bonding experience for participants. 


Here’s what to expect by working with Raised80s to book your planting:

  •  We manage all experience design, volunteer registration, logistics, ethical product sourcing and communications for your group leading up to the special day - providing a seamless experience for participants and a light lift for organizers. You just have to show up!
  • We kick off the 2-hour labour of love and reciprocity event by bringing your team of volunteers together as one; fostering a connection amongst the people and the land with an Indigenous Thanksgiving address ceremony, borrowed from the Haudenosaunee. Volunteers take their turn, giving thanks to elements of our natural world.
  • We work with you to customize a volunteer grab bag with healthful energy snacks, branded wearables (gardening gloves or Booney hats for example) and Tree Canada pins to commemorate the day. Each time they wear those gloves or hat they will remember the good they did, and perhaps remind them to sign up for the next planting! 

 If you would like to book a tree planting event with your team or clients this spring, we need to act fast! The booking deadline for group planting in April or May is February 15th! (the fall deadline is June 10th)

 Click here to learn more and submit your contact details here to have one of the Raised80s ladies reach out with more information.