Introducing Raised80s New E-Marketplace

It goes without saying that the last year has been challenging. You’ve all had to make major changes to your businesses, and now some of you are working with distributed teams, fully remote teams or teams that are just starting to transition back into the office. And with the holiday season upon us, many of you are starting to think about new ways to spread the holiday cheer now that your employees and clients may be across Canada and beyond.

Here at Raised80s, we’ve got you covered. We want to make it easy for you to recognize your employees and strengthen relationships with your partners in a way that reflects your values as a company. That’s why we’ve created the Raised80s Holiday E-Marketplace, where you can curate a gift shop of conscious products made right here in Canada.



How does the holiday e-marketplace work?

First, we’ll create a branded e-marketplace for your company that your employees and clients can browse. The marketplace will be customized for your business, with handpicked environmentally-friendly and ethically-conscious Canadian products vetted by our team of gifting experts.

Each employee and/or client can select a gift of their choice based on the budget pre-established by you.

Once gifts are chosen, we take care of the rest! We’ll ship the products directly to your employees and clients.



At Raised80s, we know that your employees and clients come from all backgrounds, experiences and places, so gifts can’t be ‘one size fits all’. The holiday e-marketplace gives each employee the option to choose a personalized gift that means the most to them. From Canadian-made wines and charcuterie boards to wellness products, home goods, clothing and more, there’s something for everyone!


For more information and to start your e-marketplace, Contact Us!

In Gratitude,

The Raised80s Team