Discover Versatility: No-Waste Digital Corporate Gifts for Clients and Employees

Ideal Corporate Gifts, the Power of Digital Giving

The pressure to find the perfect client or employee gifts can be overwhelming. But fear not, we've got the ideal solution that's as versatile as it is efficient. Teaming up with Unwrapit a few weeks ago, we discovered the perfect gift—one size fits all while tackling a myriad of tasks.

Let the recipient choose a digital gift, that is by default, No Waste!

In the realm of digital gifting, Unwrapit provides a platform where recipients can choose from a variety of options, ensuring that the gift they receive aligns with their preferences. No more worries about unwanted or wasted gifts.

  1. Experiences like travel, tickets, and meals: Unwrapit offers a range of experience-based gifts, allowing recipients to create lasting memories. From a weekend getaway to a gourmet meal, the options are diverse and cater to various tastes.
  2. Educational gifts like Masterclass and Audible: For those who value learning, digital gifts can include subscriptions to educational platforms like Masterclass or audiobooks on Audible. Empower your recipients with knowledge and skills.
  3. Charitable contributions: Unwrapit allows you to incorporate a charitable aspect into your gifts. Recipients can choose to plant a tree, provide meals for the food insecure, or contribute to a cause of their choice, adding a meaningful touch to your corporate gifting.
  4. Wellness experiences: In the age of well-being, digital gifts related to wellness are a popular choice. Recipients can select gifts like yoga sessions, skiing lessons, or passes to national parks, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    Digital Gifting campaigns are fully customizable with your logo, messaging, and colours.

    Unwrapit ensures that your corporate identity is reflected in every gift. From incorporating your logo to aligning with your brand colors, the digital gifting campaigns can be tailored to match your company's aesthetics.

    Moreover, these campaigns are perfect for various corporate purposes:

    • Reward, recognition & celebration: Recognize and celebrate achievements, milestones, or exceptional performance with personalized digital gifts. It's a unique way to show appreciation.
    • Surveys: Engage your audience in surveys with the incentive of digital gifts. It encourages participation and provides a tangible reward for their time and insights.
    • Product launches: Make your product launches memorable by incorporating digital gifts. It adds a touch of innovation to your marketing strategy and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

    Ideal for campaigns where people are spread out (even around the globe!)🌎

    Unwrapit's digital gifting platform transcends geographical boundaries, making it an ideal choice for campaigns involving a dispersed audience.

    • Save on shipping costs, no carbon footprint: With digital gifts, you eliminate the need for shipping physical items, saving on costs and reducing your environmental impact.
    • Fast delivery: Digital gifts are delivered instantly, ensuring that your recipients receive their rewards promptly. It adds a sense of immediacy and convenience to your corporate gifting strategy.

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