Sustainable Corporate and Memorable Gift Ideas from Small Toronto Local Businesses

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Destination Toronto for shining a spotlight on us and other incredible small, Toronto, and diverse businesses. It's an honour to be recognized alongside notable businesses like Real Talk Creative, Cup of Té Canada, WholeHearted, and Good Earth Gifting, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Toronto's small business community.

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to elevate workplace engagement through meaningful gifts. Jacey Schnarr, Butterfly’s founder, shares, "If they want to spend with local companies, we can do that! We can also target spending to specific communities, whether Indigenous or 2SLGBTQ+ groups, or Black-owned businesses." Our approach goes beyond providing a gifting platform; it's a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and community support.

We love Toronto because this city provides the perfect backdrop for discovering and collaborating with small vendors organically. At Butterfly Ethical Gifting, we emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses, noting that the uniqueness of their creations adds a special touch to every gift.

Butterfly's Snack Box

One such highlight from our collection is the Snack Box, a delightful assortment featuring local favourites. From the irresistible Chap Chap Snacks to the artisanal delights of Soul Chocolates, every item is carefully selected to offer a taste of Toronto's diverse culinary landscape. Comeback Snacks, Laid Back Snacks, nomz, Two Brothers Toffee, Squish Candy, Eat My Shortbread, Voisins Maple Products, and Treat Smarts complete this delectable ensemble.

To learn more about these local favourites. Check our our Instagram.

Corporate Gift - Snack Box

As a small business, Butterfly Ethical Gifting is dedicated to supporting others of its kind, gifts from small makers are not just unique but carry a meaningful resonance, untouched by mass production. This holiday season and beyond, consider the gift of sustainability, diversity, and memorable experiences by choosing products from the thriving community of small Toronto local businesses.

We have hundreds of other snack and Corporate Gift boxes. Contact us to help you choose.