Our New Exciting Sustainable Partnership with Unwrapit

I couldn't be more thrilled to share this exciting news with you today. At the Founder of Butterfly Ethical Gifting, I've always believed that corporate gifting can be about more than just the usual exchange of gifts. It's about creating a profound impact, both within our organizations and out in the world.

This brings me to the incredible partnership Butterfly has forged with Unwrapit, and I'm eager to share just why this collaboration is so transformative.

unwrapit corporate gifting

Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifting, we've all been there – the predictable gifts that seem to say very little. But with Unwrapit by our side, we're transcending these boundaries. Our partnership has opened doors to a world of innovative and meaningful corporate gifts. It's about redefining the very essence of corporate gifting.

Client Gifts

Expressing gratitude to our wonderful clients is a vital aspect of our business relationships. We're not content with meaningless gestures; we're seeking to truly impress and delight our clients. Our partnership with Unwrapit has redefined how we think about client gifts. Now, we can offer them an experience that's not only memorable but also genuinely meaningful.

Corporate Gifting with Purpose

A shared commitment to the B Corp philosophy is the foundation of our partnership. This movement isn't just a set of principles; it's a way of life. It's a powerful vision where businesses serve a higher purpose, where their impact reverberates beyond profit margins. Unwrapit and Butterfly connected instantly, fueled by a shared desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Our partnership brings together not just our services but our core values. It's a reflection of our dedication to doing better, both for our clients and the planet we call home.

Employee Gifts

Employee satisfaction and motivation are cornerstones of any successful organization. With Unwrapit, we've taken a significant step towards elevating the way we express our appreciation to our team. Our partnership enables us to provide our employees with gifts that not only acknowledge their hard work but also reinforce the values we hold dear.

Sustainable Gifts

Sustainability is a value that resonates deeply with us. As we enter this new phase of our journey with Unwrapit, sustainable gifts take centre stage. We're not merely giving gifts; we're giving a piece of the planet back to those who receive them.

Our collection of sustainable gifts extends beyond the traditional to encompass a world of possibilities. These gifts not only carry value but also a strong commitment to sustainability. With our partnership, we're ensuring that our gifts are not just tokens of appreciation but also contributions to a greener, more sustainable world.

Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Our sustainable corporate gifts aren't just about being eco-friendly; they're a testament to our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future. Together with Unwrapit, we're crafting a new chapter in the world of corporate gifts – one that's not just memorable but also contributes to the well-being of our planet.

Custom Gifting

Personalization is key when it comes to making an impact. With Unwrapit, our custom gifting options are taken to a whole new level. We understand that every organization and individual is unique. Our partnership allows us to offer tailor-made gifts that perfectly align with your values and preferences.

It's an exciting journey, and I want you to be a part of it. The question is, how can we assist you in a world full of endless possibilities? Our gifts cover a vast spectrum and from digital to experiential. We offer a wide array of options to cater to diverse budgets, interests, and quantities.

Your journey with us is just beginning, and we're incredibly excited to have you as a part of this remarkable chapter in our story.

Connect with us: To explore these exciting new options and cutting-edge technology at Butterfly, we invite you to connect with us. Together, we're not just changing the way we gift; we're changing the world we live in.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for being a cherished part of our community.

Jacey Schnarr Founder,

Butterfly Ethical Gifting

Jacey Schnarr, Butterfly Ethical Gifting