Unforgettable Golf & BBQ Corporate gifts for your clients.

It is golf and BBQ season and are you ready to elevate your corporate gifting game? Look no further! Raised80s has some fantastic ideas for your summer golf, picnics and events that will knock the socks off of employees and clients. Get ready to wow them and leave a lasting impression! 

We understand that you're looking for gifts that are not only memorable but also reflect your company's values of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and ethical spending. So, we've curated a selection of amazing gifts that will do just that.

Check out these items: 

Sustainable Turkish Towels: Prepare to indulge in luxury while championing sustainability with the exquisite towels from LUALOHA! Made by phenomenal woman entrepreneurs, these towels are sustainably produced and come with a tree protection give-back program. Your recipients will be wrapped in comfort and purpose.

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Biodegradable Golf Balls:

Prepare for a swing of sustainability on the golf course with our remarkable water-soluble, zero-waste golf balls! These balls not only help protect the environment but also deliver a one-of-a-kind golfing experience that will leave your recipients in awe.

Corporate Gifts biodegradable golf balls

Kanel Spice Gift Set:

Spice up your recipients' lives while showing your love for the planet with the irresistible spice gift sets from Kanel! These sets are meticulously crafted, come in eco-friendly packaging, and are the brainchild of amazing female entrepreneurs. Treat their taste buds to something extraordinary. 

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Bamboo Sunglasses: Unleash the power of style and sustainability with these show-stopping bamboo sunglasses at Faire! Crafted with care and zero-waste materials, these shades protect the eyes and send a resounding message of your commitment to ethical practices. 

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Corporate gifting ideas - Bamboo Sunglasses

Seed Bombs for Conservation: Ignite a spark of eco-consciousness with the explosive seed bombs from Radical Roots! By gifting these seed bombs, you'll contribute to saving the bees, butterflies, and birds while making a statement that resonates with your commitment to environmental preservation.

Corporate Gifting Ethical ideas Seeds

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Raised80s believes in supporting small and diverse businesses, and these gifts not only make a memorable impression on the recipients but also empowers these businesses to thrive. 💪

We are thrilled to be your go-to ethical corporate gift company, dedicated to curating meaningful gifts that leave a lasting impression.