Select the gift that makes YOU smile

The holiday season is right around the corner along with joy, warmth and familiar traditions. One tradition that continues is the HH Angus staff holiday gift – but with a little twist this year! Because a good tradition will also evolve over time, this year, we are offering two choices for the holiday gift – which you can view and select here. 


1.       Review the two gift options below, and select one. You will be able to see when inventory levels are low or out of stock for each gift option. When one of the options has been fully selected, you must choose the other option.

2.       Once you are sure of your selection, click on "Add to Cart" to proceed to your shopping cart. Note: the system will only allow you to select 1 item per employee, so if you change your mind at the cart stage, simply click on the minus sign to remove the item from the cart and start again.

3.       Select your home office from the drop down menu. This determines where your gift will be shipped.

4.       Proceed to "Checkout" where you will enter your HH Angus email, name and your home office address.

5.       Click "Complete Order".

That’s it! An informal social event in each of our offices will take place in December where gifts will be distributed (details to come). If you cannot attend the event, there will be an opportunity for you to pick up your gift at another time. If you have any issues with ordering or questions about the process, contact

The online store will be closed at 5:00pm ET Monday, November 21st. You must make your selection before then.