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Black History Month

Black Speakers & Leaders

Black owned vendors
Butterfly can help you plan conscious spending with any of the below partners (and many more) for your team.

Curated boxes, stand-alone gifts, items to accompany meetings or trainings. All while supporting black-owned entrepreneurs.


Nerpy’s is proudly black owned and produced in Ontario.

Their mission - to introduce their customers to great tasting, deliciously flavoured hot sauces and marinades which are tasty hot and truly enjoyable.

Nerpys is committed to producing hot sauces and marinades that excite the taste buds and radiate the magical flavours of Jamaica. 


Founded by Byron and Dexter Peart. GOODEE is a curated marketplace that brings together the values of good design, good people, and good purpose. All items offered are transparently sourced, ethically made, and designed to last.

Black Artist Commissions for SWAG

Commission original artwork to be used on Branded Merchandise. For example create a branded made in Canada notebook with your logo and a beautiful design for Black artist. Clifford Bertin - a Haitian-American, self-taught abstract painter currently based in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Paris (France) and Toronto (Canada).  Passionate about culinary art and painting since childhood, he draws from these two mediums to express himself.

Convo and Chill

Employee engagement is about more than connecting with employees to discuss work. It is about ensuring that the bonds that your team is built upon are strong and sturdy. With our games, you can create a deeper sense of connection between employees and show your employees that they are more than just staff! Work and Chill: Provides Team Bonding - a game that was made to bring teams closer together one question at a time. 


A Black woman owned business and a brand of body care products for sensitive, very dry, even eczema-prone skin. Can be used for all family members, including infants and children. 

Soifiya Hassani, MENEA’s founder, is committed to respecting the skin health of children and that of all family members. MENEA products make the perfect corporate gift as they are a socially responsible company where 58% of the ingredients are organic and eco-responsible sourced from a cooperative of women producers in Africa allowing them to support their families. All of MENEA’s products are cruelty-free and use natural/vegan ingredients. The packaging is beautiful, and is made from recyclable and reusable material.

Mary's Brigadeiro

Led by a black woman, and founded in 2015 when she immigrated from Brazil to Canada. Mary introduced a new experience in loving chocolate through her chocolate creations and her culture.

Each of Mary's Brigadeiro Chocolate is finely crafted and hand-rolled to perfection, made from scratch, using the finest and  freshest ingredients. They also only use Fair Trade Chocolate to give you a new chocolate experience through Brazilian traditions.

Lignum Honey

Lignum Honey sources it’s 100% natural raw honey exclusively from the finest apiaries in Jamaica.

Their partnerships are firmly based on a commitment to natural and responsible practices.

Lignum Honey is immediately bottled upon extraction. It is never processed. Never compromised.

The taste is a unique combination of tropical climate, virgin forests, nutrient rich soil, and indigenous floral sources. 

Wisq Candles

A home fragrance company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Our aim: bottle up lived experiences and send people on a voyage; not necessarily in space, but down memory lane. All products are free of additives, phthalates, and petroleum—for an environmentally friendly use.

Karibu Soaps

Unique handmade soap bars using locally sourced natural and plant based ingredients. In keeping with our values and environmental responsibility goals in our small-batch production process, we repurpose various every day recycling for use as moulds in crafting our soap bars.

Black History Information

Recommended articles/books for discussion

Idea! Share one of the below articles, read a book or watch a film then meet for coffee/lunch to discuss in small groups at the office.

CCDI recommended articles for lunch and learns:

The Pervasive Reality of Anti-Black Racism in CanadaCreating a safe space for dialogue on anti-racism

Sustaining the Black Lives Matter movement in the workplace

Toronto Public Library Black History 2022 Adult reading list.

Raised80s can help with bulk orders of books and even add in custom pages at the front with a message from your leader etc.