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Women's Box

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This box is lovingly curated with products exclusively from Canadian female-founded companies.

Turkish Towel - Buddhaful Collection

Woven with sustainably grown 100% Turkish cotton and accented with charming hand-finished tassels, this sleek and stylish towel effortlessly compliments your polished look to perfection.
Sequoia Proudly Indigenous - Skywoman Candle (15 hour)

Topped with pearl blue mica, you'll be able to see the convection circles of the melted wax! Skywoman is a very unique scent - It is a remarkable fragrance, starting with a mystical and citrus-like background. Under the notes you can sense the sweetness of fruits, the elegant soft fragrance of the exotic flowers, with a slight ocean spray, just touching the air.
Sequoia Proudly Indigenous - 3 Sisters Soap (4 oz)

Pumpkin pie notes are dominant in this soap, with a heavy dash of cinnamon. If you are a fan of pumpkin pie, this soap is for you. Don't be fooled by the name, men love this one too. Topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. • hydrates dry skin • made with organic shea butter • made with organic castor oil • 98% natural ingredients • contains no artificial colors. Paraben-free, not tested on animals, Vegan Hand Crafted.
Taurah - Face Mist (40 ml)

Welcome to the natural solution created by Taurah! This mist creates a toning and hydrating barrier between your mask and your skin.
Kanel Spice Blend (85 g)

A beautiful organic blend of spices from around the world.
Comeback Snacks Popcorn (280 g)

Salty and sweet come together like two partners in crime. This flavour finds our crispy buttery classic caramel corn behind bars of rich salted chocolate drizzle for a taste that will make you come back for more. Our Comeback Story: We broke the law and went to prison, but now we fix good snacks and support those in need of second chances. While Comeback looks to have the biggest impact through financial support of organizations that support reintegration efforts and through spreading the word in media and speaking engagements about the importance of reintegration programs and encouraging business leaders to hire more people with criminal backgrounds, we at Comeback are doing what we can with our small team and will continue to do so as we grow.
Granolust (70 g)

Triple Nut Crunch is our iconic, signature flavour, featuring whole roasted almonds and cashews. It's the perfect mix of salty and sweet and a great topping for your yogurt parfaits or smoothie bowls. Granolust is made in Montreal, Canada using the finest organic ingredients, the healthiest oils and none of the typical additives or sweeteners that other granolas use. Our "sexy" black bags and branding really set us apart on the marketplace and the incredible taste keeps customers coming back again and again...Go ahead. Indulge. You deserve it. #trustthelust
Crisoda (250 ml)

Chrisoda is made by really nice people who believe good for you can also taste amazing. That you can be thirsty and feel free to chug a drink that truly fixes your parch without putting bad stuff into your body. Quite the opposite. Christine and James put all kinds of good stuff into Chrisoda: Cold-fermenting real fruit, apple cider vinegar, just a touch of fair-trade cane sugar and a few other secret twists. The good story of this good couple is equally unassuming.
Boxes will be shipped following International Women's Day on March 8, for delivery later in March.
*Due to the nature of working with small businesses, we reserve the right to swap products of equal type and quality based on inventory availability.

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